Who we are

Mission Statement: We exist to educate and empower Christ followers to share the gospel through intentional discipleship by way of short-term missions.

Our Vision: To be Disciples who make Disciples.

Our Goal: To make 1 Million Disciples by 2035.

Our Motto: Just One More



Evangelism and Discipleship

Live Missions sees value in training the next generation to become fishers of men. We are committed to teaching all of our participants the essentials of the Christian faith and how to share it. Our goal is for individuals to become well-equipped and prepared to share the gospel with every tongue, tribe, and nation. They will have the opportunity to be trained in evangelism and equipped to share testimony. Each member will have an opportunity to be discipled before, during, and after each trip. They will have the opportunity to have an accountability partner that will challenge them to obtain the goals that are needed and desired. During this training period, the team will spend time in the word and doing devotionals. This will allow team members to enhance their relationship with the Lord, as well as open up about past experiences and share their view of scripture.

Discipleship Training

The vision of DMD (Disciples Making Disciples) training is to allow an individual to learn more about biblical discipleship and what Jesus meant when he gave the command in Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.” During this time, a participant will learn about the gospel foundation, who is a disciple, what is discipleship, how to choose a disciple, how to lead a group, how to multiply/release your disciple. We’ve developed this training manual to provide a deeper understanding of how to be a disciple who makes disciples. Our hopes are that a participant will leave this training feeling more equipped and prepared to take on the challenge to invest into someone’s life and make disciples.

Cross Cultural Experience 

Each team member will get a chance to put into practice what they have prepared so hard for, that is, to share the gospel. Each day, our teams will go out into the local community where we are working and share the gospel. They will have an opportunity to get to work with a translator who will help guide them through this process. We believe that if one sees missions in work on the field, it will give them a true example of what it looks like for when they come home. We believe that their mission field is right where they are. We want to give them a cross-cultural ministry experience so that they can truly see how God can work if you step out in faith. Our main objective for this is to bring them back home and encourage them to enter into their mission field here at home. We want to walk with them through this process and show them what discipleship looks like when they return. Simply going on a mission trip is not enough if we are not capitalizing on the opportunity that they have to bring the gospel home. If we miss this, then we are missing the true meaning of missions.