Who we are

Mission Statement: We exist to educate and empower Christ followers to share the gospel through intentional discipleship by way of short-term missions.

Our Goal: To make 1 Million Disciples by 2035.

Our Motto: Just One More



Evangelism and Discipleship

Live Missions sees value in training the next generation to become fishers of men. We are committed to teaching all of our participants the essentials of the Christian faith and how to share it. Our goal is for individuals to become well-equipped and prepared to share the gospel with every tongue, tribe, and nation. They will have the opportunity to be trained in evangelism and equipped to share testimony. Each member will have an opportunity to be discipled before, during, and after each trip. They will have the opportunity to have an accountability partner that will challenge them to obtain the goals that are needed and desired. During this training period, the team will spend time in the word and doing devotionals. This will allow team members to enhance their relationship with the Lord, as well as open up about past experiences and share their view of scripture.

Leadership Training

We want to see the next generation become men and women who see themselves as leaders for the Kingdom of God. Our participants will receive on-field training that will transform the way they look at the people around them and how they approach everyday life. We want to equip each person with strong leadership skills and give them the opportunity to demonstrate those skills. It is vital for a Christ-follower to understand that God created them to be a leader. During this training, team members will be taught what leadership looks like and why we as Christians should pursue leadership roles.

Coming Home

When our teams come back home, their trip is not over. We believe that Jesus Christ has set us out to make disciples who make disciples. We want our missionaries to understand that they are disciple-makers themselves. We want to give them tools and resources for disciple-making to become a reality within their own lives. We will host a discipleship training that will teach them what a true disciple-maker looks like and how they can start a movement for Christ in their own community. Within this training, they will learn how to start with one person, what takes place within a weekly meeting, and how to multiply their discipleship efforts.