In Uganda, you will get the opportunity to work with God’s Way Church as well as Heritage Junior School. Bamanya Deogratius and his wife Irene, are the master minds behind this movement in Wakiso, Uganda. Deo has been a pastor for more than 20 years and has spent many hours with teams from the US. He is very gifted in speaking the word of God and showing other Ugandans what a true disciple of Christ looks like. Live Missions started their partnership with Deo and Irene in July 2018.

Live Missions uses Heritage Junior School as a central hub for our evangelism outreach. Teams will get the opportunity to walk the area of Wakiso District and share the love of Jesus Christ. Many people in this region are either Christians, Muslims or witch craft. Deo and his associate pastors have been reaching the people of Wakiso since March 2012 when they established the Junior school.