Support Raising

There are multiple ways to raise support for your mission trip. One that is very common and many people use is sending out support letters to your friends and family. The key to sending a letter is to make it personal for your trip. Allowing the reader to understand why the Lord has called you to travel to a foreign land. Here are some simple steps on how to write your letter.


  1. Your name and address
  2. Greetings and how you are doing.
  3. Details about your trip.
  4. Seek out prayer partners and financial partners
  5. Detail the price of your trip
  6. Ways they can give


Donations can be made online on your Managed Missions account or a check can be made out to Live Missions. Please put your name and what trip you are taking on the check when you send it to us.

It is your obligation to keep track of all the money that comes in and document it correctly. We encourage that when you receive finances from someone, immediately write them a thank you letter. You will then send them a newsletter after your trip that will have all the details of what you did.


A few fundraisers that have been very effective are:

  1. Selling Shirts
    1. This has been a great fundraiser for many people. Design a shirt and sell them to your family and friends.
  2. Bedsheet Fundraiser
    1. This seems like a crazy idea but it has been very effective for many of our teams in the past. You will sell 1800 count sheets for $40, Cloud 9 Fundraising will receive $18 per sheet and you will receive a $22 profit. A great gift for Christmas or just for someone who wanted new bedsheets.
  3. Envelope System
    1. Get 100 envelopes and write the numbers 1-100 on them. Place them in front of your church and ask the congregation to come and pick up a number. The number they picked up is how much money they will put in the envelope. If all envelopes are returned you will receive $5050.
  4. Meals after church
    1. Have your church prepare a meal after Sunday church and ask people for donations for your trip.
  5. Live Auction
    1. Get big-ticket items such as sporting event tickets, BBQ Pit, Weekend Cabin stay, etc.  This works even better when it’s done after a meal on Sunday.
  6. Silent Baked Good Auction
    1. Bake cupcakes, pies, cakes, etc. and have a silent auction for them.