Mission Trip FAQS

Yes. Please note your passport must be valid for at least 6 months following the trip return date. If you don’t already have a current U.S. passport, you may obtain one by picking up the forms at certain branches of the U.S. Post Office or go online to Passports typically take six weeks to process. If you need to get one quicker, consider paying for a service like Photocopy all your important documents and keep them in a hidden place separate from the originals. Leave another copy at home with someone you can easily get in contact with while you are abroad.

The cost of the trip includes accommodations, airfare, ground transportation and meals during the trip. Funds for personal expenses are not included.

We will be staying in a Hotel/ Compound.

Meals will typically include breakfast at your hotel. Lunch and dinner will be either at the ministry site or at a restaurant. Please let your team leader know if you have certain dietary restrictions and verify that appropriate accommodations can be made.


While at our destination, we will be using bus to transport all of our team members.

We strongly suggest packing one carry-on bag plus one small tote bag/back pack to avoid any delays at the airports. Please make sure to follow the zip lock bag rules for liquids. Please see the Live Missions Packing list.

Out of respect for the local culture, we dress modestly on our trips. Shorts and sleeve-less tops (tank tops) are not allowed.

Please see the Live Missions Packing list.

Please consult with your doctor or go to the website for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to get advice on what (if any) vaccinations are needed while abroad. If you have glasses or contact lenses, bring along an extra pair. If you have prescription medication, make sure you bring enough to last during your time abroad. Make sure to carry the correctly labeled containers so it won’t be mistaken for illegal drugs.

You should plan to bring $ 200-$400. United States currency is acceptable at most tourist shops, hotels and airports. You should also bring some cash in small denominations, for any local tipping or small purchases. If you pay in cash, you will probably receive change in the local currency.

Yes, Live Missions will provide emergency contacts during the live training periods.

A visa is an entry requirement required by a foreign government in addition to your passport. Not all foreign governments require a visa. A visa may be stamped on your passport, or a paper visa may be affixed to your passport. If a visa is required, we’ll provide the appropriate visa application forms for you to complete. Most visa applications require 2-3 passport-size photos as well. The visa fees for each team member are included in the team budget.

Basic emergency medical evacuation/transportation; trip cancellation; lost baggage, and accidental death & dismemberment coverage is included in the team budget. For anything outside of this list, you will need to purchase your own overseas medical insurance or check your current insurance to find out if you are covered. Several insurance companies specialize in short-term missions travel coverage at inexpensive rates. Contact your team leader for details.

If you cancel participation in the trip, you will be expected to cover all of the fees, penalties, and losses incurred to that point.

Any monies given beyond what you need will go to support other team members who are struggling with their funds and/or support other ministries of the church or its missions program. We cannot return payments or donations after they have been received and processed.

If you are short of funds before you leave for the trip, and any excess has already been applied to those who are low on support, then you will have to personally make up the difference before departure.

Travel arrangements go much more smoothly if everyone is on the same itinerary. Having separate itineraries not only makes it more complicated for the team leaders and travel agents, but also makes it difficult to arrange for group discounts and to maintain quality travel and housing arrangements. Separate itineraries also tend to disrupt team bonding and unity, especially when there is a canceled or delayed flight. For these reasons, separate itineraries are discouraged.

You can log into your Manage Missions account and visit your “Fundraising” page to obtain an up-to-date list of donations and donors.

Yes. Please log into your Manage Missions account and visit your “Fundraising” page. The steps listed under “Start Raising Funds” are designed to help you communicate your trip to friends, family and potential donors. Steps 1 – 5 will help you create an online, interactive Personal Fundraising page that is easy to share with friends and family over email and Facebook. Step # 6 is designed to help you create a hard-copy personal support letter you can send via regular mail.

Yes, there will be a number of team meetings before our trip. These meetings are mandatory and dates are posted on the Manage Missions team website.

Yes, please give your appropriate frequent flyer number to your team leader before your first deposit is due.

This is a personal preference but most people take along various snack bars or candy just in case.

We caution people to eat the local food unless the pastors/translators say it’s okay to do so. Please DO NOT drink the water. Your team will travel to a local store and get bottled water that you will drink and brush your teeth with.

If you purchase the International plan from your cell provider, you will have phone coverage in most places. Internet access will depend on if the hotel provides it and it’s up and running that day.

Obviously, there are inherent dangers involved in any mission trip. We cannot guarantee anyone’s absolute safety. Together we will cover this trip in prayer and trust the Lord. Live Missions staff is well trained to avoid any dangers in country and will go to great lengths to protect each group. We will have contact with the US Embassy in each country and make sure there aren’t any dangerous situations happening.


Adult Release Form

This form is for those who are 18 years or older.

Please review and fill out the attached release form. For more forms please login to your managed missions account.


Minor Release Form

This form is for those who are 17 years or younger.

Please review and fill out the attached release form. For more forms please login to your managed missions account.


Trip Preparation

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