Ministry Partners

Namayumba, Uganda - Pastor Bamanya Deogratius

Live Missions has partnered with Pastor Deo and his wife Irene since August of 2017. Deo started a church called God’s Way Church and a school called Hertiage Jr School in Namayumba, Uganda. His intended focus is to care for the children of the community as a majority of them are needy and orphaned. The couple has 4 kids themselves, Rebekah, Jotham, Gabriella, and Beyonce. Deo and Irene have brought in 14 new children into their home due to them being on the streets and without food. 18 children in one home that is the size of a typical American kitchen. Pastor Deo has been doing full-time ministry in Uganda for the past 20 years. He was the CEO of an organization that worked with missionaries and did evangelism outreach in the slums of Kampala. We are proud to partner and work with Pastor Deo and his team in Uganda.

Detroit, Michigan - Jon Shepherd & Family

The Shepherds live in the Detroit metro, home to the 5th largest concentration of least reached peoples in the US. Their hometown of Dearborn is the 2nd largest Arab city outside of the Middle East, and their favorite ministry field of Hamtramck is the nation’s only Muslim majority city, filled with thousands of least reached Yemenis, Bengalis, and Bosnians. Following the model of the Parable of the Sower, the Shepherds sow the seed of the gospel abundantly in order to find good 4th Soil people who will pay any price or endure any trial to reach their own people for Christ. With Global Gates, Jon & Kris seek to make a global impact through the Detroit metro to the ends of the earth.